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About the partner

Primary Colours'/Couleurs Primaires

Launched in 2016 Primary Colours'/Couleurs Primaires main objective is to place Indigenous arts at the forefront of the Canadian arts system. They further assert that creative practices by artists of colour, who have roots around the world, play a critical role in imagining the future of Canadian art making. By de-centring the western world art lens they are instead able to refocus it in a manner that better acknowledges and understands the complexity of Indigenous art forms and those from various communities of colour. This is explored by updating the 30 year old arts conversations regarding race, ethnicity, colonialism, cultural/racial diversity, and racism in the arts (to name just a few areas) and by proposing new frames for the future.


About the website

Our partnership with Primary Colours/Couleurs Primaires have evolved throughout the years, and we are excited to share our latest project. This powerful site sorts through libraries of original art in a variety of forms - from photos, to poems, to academic essays, soundscapes, and film - and presents it in a way that encourages the user to explore the art according to their specific needs or interests. 


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