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About the partner


The RISE Project developed out of the research program of Dr. Catherine Taylor (Professor Emerita, University of Winnipeg) and extensive large-scale research on 2SLGBTQ+ education in Canada.

The University of Manitoba created a 5-year research project called the RISE project. The project's purpose has been to develop 2SLGBTQ+-expansive content for teacher education in Canadian Faculties of Education. They have developed content modules focusing on 2SLGBTQ+ content for use in core teacher education (i.e., Bachelor of Education) courses.


About the website

The new curricular phase of the RISE Project was developed to address the knowledge-to-practice gap by identifying effective strategies for including 2SLGBTQ+ content in existing teacher education programs. This was achieved by providing research-based, theoretically relevant, and anti-oppressive approaches to 2SLGBTQ+ inclusion in schools.  These approaches can be used in most subject areas such as ethics and school law, classroom management, inclusive education, educational foundations, practicum placement experiences, instructional methods, Indigenous education, and other key subject areas. 

As the content modules for the RISE Project were developed, they needed a place for this content to live that was both accessible and reflected the community it was representing. The Animikii team is thrilled to have contributed to the efforts of the RISE Project team with their new website.


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